Green Estate Farm



The Property

The total area of Green Estate farm house is nearly 5,400 sq. ft. that comprises of 3,500 sq. ft. main bungalow area. The prominent features of this amazing farmhouse are:

Play Area

The total area of playground is around 20,000 square feet with a paddy green field that contains cricket pitch. One can play various outdoor games such as cricket, badminton, lawn tennis, etc. on this playground. All the sporting instruments are available here, such as cricket kit, badminton racquets, ball, net, and may more. Children can also use this playground for various games. Moreover, there are many things you can do on this playground, like sitting or walking on a green grassy field, and other activities that involves fun.


The Green Estate Farm

At Village Matori, Nashik Dist., Nashik, Maharashtra, India.

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Green Estate Farm
Green Estate Farm

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