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Green Estate Farm

Located in the outskirts of Nashik, in a small and beautiful village, Matori, Green Estate Farm house is placed within a 5,400 sq. ft. area, in which 3,500 sq. ft. is occupied with one-storey bungalow accompanied with a spacious terrace above. Just in front of the entrance of bungalow there is a 20,000 sq. ft. lawn area for outdoor games and activities, such as cricket, badminton, etc.

The 4-bedroom with living hall farmhouse is surrounded by the attractive and panoramic natural scenes like rolling and green farmyard, picturesque In addition to such fun experiences, you can also choose to sit back and enjoy watching television with your loved ones on plush furniture installations, relax and unwind using large, luxurious, and fully air-conditioned bedrooms, cook and serve some sumptuous delicacies using the farmhouse kitchen that’s equipped with the state of the art cutlery and cooking gear. If that’s not enough, you have the option of engaging in special activities.

At Green Estate Farm House, you can successfully with highly equipped living room and vibrant atmosphere. You can bring your family members and friends to have an fun-filled weekend that may give you some break from your hectic schedule. Also, you can celebrate your family function with great delectation and comfort here at this well-equipped resort.


The Green Estate Farm

At Village Matori, Nashik Dist., Nashik, Maharashtra, India.

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Green Estate Farm
Green Estate Farm

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